Simple Description to integrate with Polkadot.


The Polkadot is Multi-Chain to interact with blockchain applications.As everyone knows , Polkadot was released by Gavin Wood ,Ethereum co-founder. Polkadot is a network protocol that allows arbitrary data — not just tokens — to be transferred across blockchains. In this article, I am going to describe simply how to integrate our Dapp with polkadot.

Development Contents

  1. Building a parachain for polkadot
  2. Building dApp on Substrated-based blockchain
  3. Creating a cross-chain bridge

Building a parachain for Polkadot

The parachain sovereign blockchain that can have their own tokens and optimize their functionality for specific use cases.In other hand,this is specialized blockchain that connect to polkadot.Any created parachain has to be connected to the Relay chain(the heart of polkadot).

The Basic set of tools for polkadot parachain development:

  • Substrate 2.0.0
  • Polkadot source code
  • WASM interpreter and compiler to WASM
  • Rococo(Polkadot major testnets)

Develop a Dapp on Polkadot

  1. Develop smart contracts in any language compiled to WASM
  2. Develop dapp using substrate EVM pallet
  3. Develop dapp using substrate Ink contracts pallet

Create a cross chain bridge to the Polkadot ecosystem

Building a cross-chain bridge is the other way to connect to the polkadot ecosystem.

There are basically two options:

  • Create a bridge for your current solution
  • Provide bridge-as-a-service between two existing decentralized protocols.

From a technical point of view, a cross-chain bridge is an app for a token “transfer” between two blockchains. The transfer is made through smart contracts on both sides of the bridge and a decentralized network of independent validators.

  1. Smart contracts
  2. Substrate pallets
  3. Validator program
  4. Application interface


  • How to build a parachain on polkadot or use a substrate-based chain to create a dApp.
  • How to process of creating a cross-chain bridge between Ethereum and Pokadot.

So we only focused the contents how to design our development behind code until now. We will get two solutions to implement the integration with polkadot. I ‘m going to pass through the detailed codes in the next time. Thanks for considering my article !!




😀 Blockchain Specialist | Smart contract Developer

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Ding Tian

Ding Tian

😀 Blockchain Specialist | Smart contract Developer

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